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Pełna wersja: Pilsko - Polanowice (Edited by Oldcitylee) 1.1
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[Obrazek: vGA42Bq.jpg]

Project: Pilsko - Polanowice Edited
Version: 1.1
Original author: eSeL
Modification author: Oldcitylee
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Thanks for dear @eSel.

This is my 4th map on OMSI.
The Pilsko - Polanowice is very real but small i edited 20 tiles to 65 tile with permission of @eSeL

First you must download and install the eSeL's Zarejestruj się bądź zaloguj by zobaczyć zawartość. Please register or login to show this content..

And second install my edited map.

Thanks for the anorther authors what I use the objects and splines.

The map Pilsko Polanowice Edited by Oldcitylee is updated and you can download

When did you downloaded the PP Edited by Oldcitylee 1.0 then you can download only PilskoUpdate1 and PilskoUpdate2 file on Download1

or you can download only the link Download2
(Attention: erase the first downloaded OMSI2/maps/Pilsko - Polanowice and the .hof)
when you download first time you must download all files on the link Download1

*Line 26 longer than previous version. Added new terminus.
*Added Solaris PL repaint and ailist

Here is the PKA Gdynia Repaints from dsiek17 Link

Screenshots for v1.1:
[Obrazek: VTH8GXT.jpg]
[Obrazek: nh1foJO.jpg]
[Obrazek: uHr8y8l.jpg]

[Obrazek: kjbe53y.jpg]
[Obrazek: IthLie8.jpg]
[Obrazek: 9fCt6Ty.jpg]
[Obrazek: DWAxPAP.jpg]
[Obrazek: HPp5dlr.jpg]
[Obrazek: bfutVT9.jpg]
[Obrazek: UOBmqRE.jpg]
[Obrazek: VZ7Rs1l.jpg]
[Obrazek: VW5Ku05.jpg]
[Obrazek: lETnW8C.jpg]
[Obrazek: VIH74uI.jpg]
[Obrazek: QwZCfa8.jpg]
[Obrazek: ZFn8LMq.jpg]
[Obrazek: Mdp86QL.jpg]
[Obrazek: 1oTSoeV.jpg]
[Obrazek: CG2QIq5.jpg]

This is beautiful! A bigger Pilsko Polanowice map! Congratulations! 9/10 for this map.
Regards, KMSzczecin
And I think that you've ruined it. Don't get me wrong, it looks nice, but has nothing to do with either Pilsko or Polanowice. That looks too... Mountainious and too German or Austrian or something. Those bulidings saying "Lebensmittel" are damaging Polish climate and making it look like Eastern Germany just after the WWII. It reminds me of a very old map called Pilzdorf. The idea is ok, the sights are great (come on, that bridge!), but you should've changed the name, or - even better - make your own map, as you've got so much talent. If I was to mark the map itself, I'd 've given 8/10, because of the climate loss. However, considering how does the original map look, how good it is and what it is to our community, it's like 4/10 for me, and it's just for trying.
This map need other addons ( pay addons) ?
(23.02.2016 19:21)OmsiAdds napisał(a): [ -> ]This map need other addons ( pay addons) ?
The map not need the payware addons

Coming soon the Pilsko - Polanowice Edited by OLDCITYLEE 1.1
with the Gdynia Solaris Repaint

[Obrazek: 8Zkoz1.jpg]

[Obrazek: NA3d2a.jpg]

[Obrazek: PkpA2d.jpg]

[Obrazek: a3jap2.jpg]
Nice, but you made a mistake. This is Gdynia repaint for Solaris;)

Wauuw . . .
I didnt see the repaints... Then the gamers can use the repaints and I can do too.