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I have problem, in this place my tram disappear. I don't know why. Can be problem with 1 missing spline and 1 missing object and problem with static NF6D and some sceneryobject ine one folder? I go to test one thing, but not now, if wil be no problem, it will be good.
What will happend?
[Obrazek: OMSI2_20180709_233002.jpg]
Yes, tram disappear.
[Obrazek: OMSI2_20180709_233036.jpg]
Well, it probably depends on which one spline and object you are missing, because you forgot to mention that - we are not tooth fairies. Let us know which files you are missing and share your log file from the root OMSI folder, so maybe we will find something.
Oh, this can do this? Oh, ok, this is missing.
Splines\Oberpfalz 3D\Landkreis Freyfurt\Koenig-Ludwig-Str_2A_halb_FF_SH_einbahn.sli
And one sceneryobject, but now not, I just forgot to download static BR.:D
I just do one thing, but still doing and this missing spline can do this?
Can someone send me this .sli?
But 3 or 4 week ago I don't have this problem with tran disappear.
Ok, I don't have missing any splines adn sceneryobject, but same problem, I go to turn on show error and I'll write here, what say.
Ok, I don't have missing any splines and sceneryobjects, but same problem, I go to turn on show error and I'll write here, what say.
Ok I have now error.:(
This only says logfile:
1694 19:28:11 - - Information: Refresh Tile: 475, maps\Eberlinsee_Schoenau\ ...
1695 19:28:13 - - Information: Refresh Tile: 474, maps\Eberlinsee_Schoenau\ ...
1696 19:28:14 - - Information: Refresh Tile: 365, maps\Eberlinsee_Schoenau\ ...
1697 19:28:16 - - Information: Menu pos set
1698 19:28:16 - - Information: Refresh Tile: 623, maps\Eberlinsee_Schoenau\ ...
Where can be error?
Can this do something in setting?
Tram is missing.:(
[Obrazek: OMSI2_20180713_192936.jpg]
Can you send logfile.txt here (all file, in [code] [ /code])?
Just download and you can see logfile.
What's this? I see it noly, when I have turn show error and it's with view from KT4D.
1607 19:08:15 - - Error: Fehler bei Bereichsprüfung: T.PlugInRefrVars
1567 19:05:53 - - Error: Fehler bei Bereichsprüfung: CMO.SetView
And this problem, which I think not do this.
110 17:47:13 - - Error: In "Sceneryobjects\Oberpfalz 3D\Krummenaab5\Maibaum.sco" there was an error in line 24!
Or this can do problem?
70 17:44:46 - - Error: The file "TicketPacks\Berlin_1\EBS_SH.otp" could not be loaded!
I just have tickets and deleted bad line in sceneryobject and I turned bump map off (I had it before) and tram disappear.
Is this writing, when I have bump map off?
5188 1:10:02 - - Warning: Could not lock light map of tile 482 for getting ambient light for objects! Error: texture load
I don't know, where can be problem.:(
Install map again and replace files.
I Installed map again and replaced files.
Here is what happend.:(
Sorry, I forget to off microphone and logo in Bandicam.
And you can see bug when I have 2x KT4 I don't see second KT4 from interior of first KT4 sometimes.
Why does traffic lights not work here?
This problem I have for a longer time.
Those lines will be forever on same position I think.
[Obrazek: OMSI2_20180714_162540.jpg]
Can this problems solve OMSI2 patch changer?
Ok, patch doesn't solve problem with tram disappear, but I'll check traffic lights.
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