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Pełna wersja: Ikarbus IK-103
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Ikarbus IK-103 is a standard city solo bus manufactured by the Serbian bus factory Ikarbus from Zemun . Intended for the carriage of passengers in the most demanding conditions of exploitation in urban and suburban traffic. Production of the IK-103 began in 1993.
The IK-103F is a bus manufactured in cooperation with the Priboj Automobile Factory (FAP) and Ikarbus. This model was made to order by GSP Belgrade. A deal worth more than € 20 million was jointly won by the two factories in 2004, and delivery of all 40 buses ordered was completed in 2005. The buses were built on the FAP A-537.3 chassis with a Mercedes OM447hLa engine and IK-103 body.

Model: Ikarbus IK-103
Wersja: 1.0
Autor: gonzales icacar98, mikiglg
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