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[Wip] Solaris Urbino 12 und 18 (BVG) by alterr
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Information [Wip] Solaris Urbino 12 und 18 (BVG) by alterr
I could not find this anywhere on this site so im posting it transtaled to english with google. It looks so awesome, i love Solaris, it beats all other busses! I wish someone made the Metro Style for Omsi:)

So here it is, sadly only 2 and 3 door:(

Original Thread and screenshots:)

Project type: Bus (Real)
Project Name: Solaris Urbino 12 and 18
Involved persons: I, Wizard, O530, Homery So ... . Our small team is together come back to you, dear OMSI players to bring joy Yes, that has quite a long time until we're all back. During these weeks Wizard and I work at a Berlin bus. . Well This is no longer a secret, because you have already read the thread title =) Right, that's Solaris Urbino, solo and articulated versions. Someone may say that it's weird because there has been no Urbino 12 of the third generation in Berlin. But I hope we will offset this ridiculous situation. And here it is yet to go to the first screen, which I have now taken just off the highway. helping me determine my stupid speech to somehow make it more interesting example, the bus looks. The Exteriortextur is currently extremely high resolution (PNG, 4096 * 1475), maybe someone of you can tell whether it is good or we need to resize it. Throughout 12m. Model is much easier than, say, our 12m. Citaro, which has us all look (at least two times lighter) Back to the textures: There are, as always, templates for your repaints, and I already have 5 versions tinkered Berlin (Old versions; With the Brandenburg Gate in front, with Berlin logo on the front, and also the new all yellow versions also) It is particularly delighted when her some cities give in this thread for me to repaint vorschlagt. ., As always with interior images we look inside look around! Firstly prefer Berlin, you have certainly noticed that there with us IBIS 2 Is. We will not cancel, sorry. operator's environment has gotten some objects of the Citaro, but they are already improved, scored such as cockpit, the photo textures instead of rendering textures. (Matching good texture of Speedometers is still being sought) Almex has also become more realistic ! Something important We only build the Berlin version, that is, it is only 12m. 2-door with rear Ausschwenktüren, 18m. Give back 3-door with Ausschwenktüren. sounds I have currently installed the sounds of Morphi, I still need the information if they really fit us technically, All thing I find it wonderful. And now the screens come from the passenger compartment. Here you go: What's been done? What is missing? workplace:

new display Scripts
animated joint at 18 m. Bus
Some buttons on the cockpit are not yet implemented, including roof gap control and ... something technical, where Wizard better than I knows
Door control the articulated
And other little things

When is release?
Only one thing I can say from my experience Moddbau: soon, if no unexpected problems come more information about Solamis comes here and with me on Youtube, yes, there are some already realized things that can only be seen on video are, it goes first to rain textures. (Was puzzles successfully?) And at the end I show you something very interesting. Thats it for now Thank you for your attention

12.10.2014 13:15
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RE: [Wip] Solaris Urbino 12 und 18 (BVG) by alterr
Very good work :D

[Obrazek: 16694343186277534127.png]
X5670 @4.2GHz + GTX960
12.10.2014 13:22
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RE: [Wip] Solaris Urbino 12 und 18 (BVG) by alterr
The best version of Solaris

03.07.2015 17:30
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