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Main Forum Regulations
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Main Forum Regulations
Main Forum Regulations

§1. Basic organizational matters, registration and logging in
1.1 Registration and/or logging in means, that you understand and you will respect Regulations and Rules of this Forum. Administrators reserves right to change these Regulations after informing all users. Unfamiliarity with the Regulations and/or Rules does not exempt from the obligation to comply with them.
1.2 Registration and use of the Forum is free of charge.
1.3 It is forbidden to have more than one account per user.
1.4 Personal details provided in registration process (and modified later in the User's Control Panel) should be authentic. This details are not shared to any third parties.
1.5 In addition to the Regulations, in some sections (“Pobieralnia” [Downloads], “Baza Materiałów” [Sample Base], “Reklama” [Advertising]) there are separate rules, which you also need to respect. Collective threads rules are mostly described in the first post.
1.6 If you want to cooperate in any matter with Forum Team or you want to discus with Team other situations listed in Regulations, you should send Private Message to any Admin, send an e-mail on Forum mailbox: or post it on Facebook page: . Responses should be expected (usually) within two days.

§2. Forbidden content:
Inadmissible (in any place and form) is following content:
2.1 Swearing and vulgarity (also in censored form), pornography, drastic, promoting violence and so on.
2.2 Propagating / calling to racism or religious, ethnic, sexual, pictorial hate.
2.3 Threats or offensive to anybody.
2.4 Controversial, immoral, provocative or causing disputes.
2.5 Contradicting with polish law including copyright laws (which means, in particular, sharing illegal sources, cracks, serials, copying others content without permission, propagating piracy and so on).
2.6 Reference links, ads which generates material benefits for user (the only on exception are reference links to the “Pobieralnia” [Download] section and links to donations).
2.7 Polemic about the Admin Team decisions and/or insulting anyone due to performing his Forum duties.
Additional rules for chat/shoutbox:
2.8 It is forbidden to inform in shouts about sent Private Messages (e.g. "check PMs"), about technical issues that should be solved in the Forum specific threads, long private dialogues, flooding (posting many shouts one by one), linking to technical thread.

§3. New threads:
3.1 Before posting new thread you should check, if your problem is not already solved or described in another thread. If so, you can write only in that thread, otherwise you should create a new one. Search engine "Wyszukiwarka" and set of tips called the "Informator" might be helpful.
3.2 In the technical section ("Dział pytań technicznych") you must follow the rule, which is 1 problem = 1 thread. In the addon problems section ("Problemy związane z dodatkami") the rule is 1 addon = 1 thread.
3.3 You should post new threads in the section which is closest to your issue topic. Instructions on how to do it in the right way are here [in Polish]: Click!. You can find the short version below.
If you have issues with addons, you should report it in "Problemy związane z dodatkami" section.
Other issues and questions not related to certain addon should be reported in "Dział pytań technicznych" section.
In the "Pobieralnia" (Downloads) section you can only post your opinion or/and change suggestion about particular addon. You can also report there a broken download link.
3.4 Thread topic should precisely inform about its content.
3.5 Questions should be precisely described with details. Preferably with screenshots, logfile.exe content and presented in the most legible way.
3.6 New threads in "OMSI-Informator" [FAQ], "Pobieralnia" [Downloads] and "Baza materiałów" [Materials base] have to be accepted by someone from the Admin/Moderator Team.

§4. Discussion and posts
4.1 Your posts should always correspond to the thread topic.
4.2 It is strictly forbidden to "spam", which means short, laconic dictum, writing under your own post, "refreshing the thread", “flooding”. Asking about progress with WIP (Work In Progress) projects is also treated as a spam.
4.3 Posts needs to be easy to read. Formatting tools should be used only to highlight the headlines or pieces of content. Overuse of different font styles, sizes, colors and formatting tools might be warned.
4.4 You should try to write the correct English or Polish, if you are not sure about the spelling, you can use the browser with a built-in dictionary. We won't accept posts in languages different than English and Polish or sent in Polish using Google Translate.
4.5 All links in the Download section (“Pobieralnia”) should be put into the "[hide]" tag, which will hide its content from non-registered guests. Tips for using this functionality can be found here [in Polish]: (CLICK).
4.6 It's strictly forbidden to ask technical questions about addons in the Download section. You can find the correct section here (CLICK). Additional tips [in Polish]: (CLICK).
4.7 The only acceptable form for thanking is built-in reputation system (+Rep button) and/or private messages. It's forbidden to force or ask intrusively for reputation points.

§5. Avatar & signatures
5.1 Maximum size of avatar is 150x150 pixels. Its "weight" cannot exceed 20KB.
5.2 Signature cannot exceed 8 lines. Blank lines and those which contains graphics are included in this limit. Total size of graphics cannot exceed 600x180 pixels and "weight" 120KB.

§6. Forums Team and grades
6.1 Forum Team itself includes Administrators and Super Moderators. They have permissions to manage posts and messages, warn users for non-compliance and have insight into profiles and permission to edit them, if user violates the Regulations.
6.2 Here are other groups highlighted at the Forum: Developer [Twórca], Expert [Ekspert], Active [Aktywny] and Meritorious [Zasłużony]. The rules for obtaining individual ranks and profits can be found in that thread [in Polish]: CLICK

§7. Warnings system
7.1 Each user breaking forum Rules can be warned according to the penalties table. [In polish.] (CLICK).
7.2 The penalties table in most cases is based on three-stage penalty system. 0% warn, low-grade warn, normal warn. All rules and exceptions are listed in the above thread with table [At the moment only in polish].
7.3 If your account get max warn (100%), it will be locked, so you won’t be able to write on Forum and use Chat for the time period of one month.
7.4 In case of breaking rules notoriously, Forum Team might decide to moderate your posts (each post will need to be accepted), block posting possibility or completely ban your account.
7.5 In case of multi-account detection (two or more accounts with the same IP), first one will be blocked for a month, each other will be banned permanently or deleted. Admins can also block/ban accounts from different IP’s in some cases. If your account was banned without real reason, you can contact Admin Team to explain that.
7.6 Breaking Rules on Forum chat will result with 0% warn (verbal warning) and deleting all yours shouts. In some cases Moderators can decide to warn you according to penalty table.
7.7 Any Admin/Moderator Team decision appeals or explanations to warnings should be proceeded by private messages to person which warned you. If you have more questions - write to one of the Admins. If your account has been banned, the appeal should be sent by email or through the Facebook fanpage.

§8. Other matters

8.1 It's forbidden to play the Moderator. The only acceptable form of reporting content which breaks Forum rules is "Zgłoś" [Report] in each posts footer, or a private message to Moderator/Admin.
8.2 Technical errors, suggestions and problems associated with the Forum should be reported in the "Problemy i sugestie dotyczące Forum." ["Problems and suggestions associated with the Forum"]
8.3 Reputation system means the thanks giving system. Only positive points are permitted, each one must be clearly described or be linked to the post.
8.4 In case of problems with account, inability to login or another difficulties preventing from using our Forum, you should send an e-mail to Admin or send private message on Facebook page.
8.5 Advertisements in threads and posts on the Forum or other obtrusive forms are prohibited. It does not apply to the special section: (CLICK), where you need to respect the special rules.
8.6 Admin is not responsible for content posted by users.
8.7 Users, who aggressively spam somebody's PM boxes or send obtrusive and/or offensive messages, can be warned. To report this kind of situations you need to send PM to Admin with evidence and argumentation.
8.8 Each user can change his nickname without any reason just once. Any sub-request this type should be justified with a strong reason.
8.9 In the case of operations against the Forums good name or its Members, the Admin Team can respond in the way not listed directly in the Regulations.
8.10 This Regulations apply to all sections, functionality and chat of Forum.

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