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[OMSI 2] Autodromo Busotto LU (NL 222, BETA)
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RE: Autodromo Busotto LU (NL 222, BETA)
Thanks for your bug report, Roma. The button "riscaldamento interno" is for the heaters behind the seats and I don't think I'm gonna implement them anyway. For the "riscaldamento autonomo I don't know, maybe you have to activate the general heating first, so let's talk about it as soon as the heating controller is finished.

19.10.2015 19:59
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RE: Autodromo Busotto LU (NL 222, BETA)
Hi everyone,
there are some important updates on the project.
Please reply in English, I don't understand Polish.

First: the exterior texture has now been upscaled from 1024x1024 to 2048x2048, so the repaints look much clearer now.
The ANNAX Matrix has been substituted with a monochromatic LED display, which is based on the Krueger++ script, with textures by Italien83. It can also be turned off with a switch in the Dashboard.

[Obrazek: 184.jpg?raw=1]

Then I finished the interior advertisement, which has multiple configurations you can toggle via setvar.
I also created a standard for a sign advertisement system that can be implemented in other buses as well, so you can use the same texture on multiple buses.

[Obrazek: 188.jpg?raw=1]

Now let's talk about the two big things that happened.
I created a brand new display control unit, to substitute the IBIS. It's the KC640, manufactured by Aesys.
For it to be realistic I removed the stop announcement and route input features, but I added some interesting new features such as destination scrolling and also code saving and loading capabilities.
This unit uses a 10 digit-code by default, which is composed like this: LLLSSZZZZZ, where LLL is the line number, SS is the line suffix and KKKKK is the zielcode (only the last three digits of the zielcode are really used); you can also set it to use a 4-digit code, but you will have to integrate the line number in the hof file with the *L command provided by the Krueger++ display.

Here's an old demo (still with the ANNAX display), but the device got some improvements and you don't even need to press F3 to input the code anymore. There is also an English version of the script, if you prefer.

The other big thing that happened is about the ticket selling.
I imported the AEP ticket validators an onboard computer from Helvete's Citaro Facelift (I still don't have full permissions to release them, though) and made a lot of modifications to them:
  • completely re-designed the scripts
  • created a repaint template for the texture
  • added the F420A validator, which is the old version of the F420B
  • added ticket selling capabilities to the on-board computer
  • translated all the textures in 4 languages (English, French, Italian and Polish)
  • created various repaints for different languages and different bus companies (mostly italian)
  • added a cash desk with a drawer (with sounds!) below the control unit, so it's ready for ticketselling

[Obrazek: 186.jpg?raw=1]

[Obrazek: 185.jpg?raw=1]

[Obrazek: 187.jpg?raw=1]

[Obrazek: pack.jpg?raw=1]

Here's a quick demo:

After the official release of the bus I will also release a developer pack for the KC640, the LED display and hopefully for the AEP , too. These packs contain blender files, textures, repaint templates and a guide, so basically anything that you need to implement the mod in another bus.

In addition to these changes, there has been an overall reorganisation of the files and a lot of bugfixes.

Last but not least, in order to make a point on the current developement status, I created a document on Dropbox Paper where I keep track of the main features as well as the repaints. Please have a look at it and if you have a feature or repaint request please post it on this thread, so I can add it to the list.

CAM Busotto: Developer Status

So now I'll be focusing on making new textures for the wheels and on writing manuals, which will be the most tedious work ever:(

That's all, folks. Have a nice weekend!!!

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14.09.2017 14:16
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RE: Autodromo Busotto LU (NL 222, BETA)
I thought that this project died with his natural death long time ago. I'm glad that you are working on it, because I remember that Autodromo as one of most realistic add-on busses for OMSI. I can see that finally there is a drivers seat and some interior changes! Looking very forward to the project, you're doing a good job, mate:)


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21.09.2017 06:40
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RE: Autodromo Busotto LU (NL 222, BETA)
Hi there,
I finally managed to release the bus for public.
Now it's stable and it has a big set of Italian repaints

I didn't do many repaints for popular OMSI maps so repainters are welcome, as long as they provide quality work based on the templates.

On the feature side, there are still a few important features I'd like to add, such as the Air Conditioner on the roof and an alternate type of seats. But since I don't know when I will have time to work on them, I preferred to do a release now and add them later with a patch.

The standard packet contains the installation files (including fonts), a complete set of repaints and detailed documentation. The repaint templates (and some extra textures) are provided as a separate download.
Before operating the bus you should read at least the Controls and operation chapter of the manual (in the docs folder), in particular for the display control unit which differs from the IBIS.

Download link (latest version):
Repaint templates (GIMP and Photoshop):

Please do not re-upload these files on other sites, but always use the Mediafire URL above, which will stay up-to-date with the latest version. Also include a link to this thread, if possible.

If you're willing to make mods, I kindly as you to contact me before releasing them (I don't bite), so I can consider on integrating them in the main release and/or keeping them in mind when making future changes.
The redistribution of this work, or its parts, without permission is strictly forbidden.

With that said, I hope you enjoy the bus.

Please update the first post with the new details. If you want more details/photos check the original post.

10.09.2018 15:37
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